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Antonio Pittore Balbi  
Antonio Balbi was born in 1964 in Roccagloriosa, a pleasant small village located in one of the most beautiful spots of the Cilento National Park, Italy.

He is a remarkable figure of the Abstract Surreal and Concrete Expressionism, a late and post-modern painterly tradition to which he belongs for his instinctive and pure, bright chromatist building a theoretical, creative bridge between metaphysical research and primitive naturalism.

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Text written by Gian Maria Raimondi

Balbi's talent was discovered by an old-school painter from Salerno, Maestro Rosario Bortone. Afterwards, he attended the "Accademia Internazionale d'Arte Moderna" in Rome, then he soon moved to Germany, where he immediately met the favour of the critics. Some of them consider his work to be "figurative poetry" and "archetypal emotive narration": peculiar characteristics that led him to approach in-depth techniques of chromotherapy and later realize successful cooperation with doctors and clinicians. His growing passion for different methods of technical reproduction in the field of figurative art induced him also to enter the photography world. If the paintbrush is like a vector, the color a sort of propulsion and the canvas a whole universe to explore, his "Minolta Reflex" is a third eye seeing the world from different perspectives that allowed him to build an interesting photo archive with partially unpublished materials. He distinguished himself by taking part in several art events and he has exhibited his work extensively in museums, galleries and prestigious institutions. Agreeing with Brecht's assertion that a work of art should always have something to say "making itself useful" and, in this regard, driven by decisive life experiences (the fight against depression; his political commitment to the environment and on defense of workers' rights), Balbi is actively dedicated to helping diseased people soothe their painful conditions. This explains why he's been carrying out projects like "Wartezimmer / waiting rooms", a specific collection of 120 works divided in groups of three and exhibited by rotation in numerous clinical venues -including important surgeries of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main-Area- with the aim of verifying the lenitive effects of the Chromotherapy in preoperative situations; or UNICEF Children's Day art exhibitions with works aimed to facilitate the rehabilitation of diseased children through an abstract geometric fantasy consisting of chromatic interactions and pyrotechnic colors which stimulates children's creativity; moreover, Telethon luminous studies testing the anodyne action of light over patients who are thrown into a parallel no-stress and no-fear dimension for a few precious seconds. All "better life" projects are to which a large part of his time has been devoted. Likewise, Balbi's motto "there is no worse desert than a life without friends" may be considered a Dantean epitome of an ongoing journey through hells, purgatories and paradises from all over the world: the same world that Balbi discovers in every story of every person he meets in his travels across the five continents.

In this spirit, Balbi annually promotes the "Ponte sul Meno Culture Award" in Frankfurt am Main in order to celebrate socially engaged artists and talented colleagues.
As a citizen of the whole world, he speaks Italian, German, English, Spanish, Turkish, French and Portuguese.

"There is no worse than the desert
a life without friends.

Antonio Balbi

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